The agony of love

What is love when there is no trust
what is trust when there is no love
They say love them all and trust none
Is that not any irony that is killing love?

So many terrible things happens between couples
The couples that claim to love one another
Fighting each other each day and night
Manipulating each other in the name of love.

The society is confused, love&lust is one now
Nowadays people have normalise wrong things
Cheating, lying, deception are all normal
People kill in the name of love and call it passion killing.

There’s now two love in existence so they say
Real love and fake love or the say true and false
The strange thing is how to people come to this
Who rate love and what kind instrument do they use.

Humanity has died and terrible death
The pain that is unbearable is felt everywhere
Love grief for this death in an unimaginable way
This pain can’t be cure as long as we are still lost.

The truth is there’s nothing like real or fake love
There’s only one unmeasureble love in this world
Anything else is a condition that will kill it
Love is unifying body we should all embrace it.


Is it really what you want?

Don’t do it simply because You want to fit in.
Don’t do it simply because You want to impress them.
Don’t do it because anyhow everyone is doing it.
Don’t do it because your parent advised you to do it.
Do it because it’s what your heart desires and choses.
Do it because it’s your purpose, your call. Do it because you’re willing to do it even when you won’t get a cent.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! Examine yourself well and know your purpose in life!

Cry Just-Cry.

More often we harden our heart, we forget that we aren’t robots. We human and we have emotions.

More often the society tell our young men, “big boy don’t cry” the fate that haunt us all.

More often we stood up for others comforting them and nurturing them, while we neglect ourselves and our feelings.

More often we forget that crying help us find our inner peace, so just let the tear drop cry and just cry whether you men/women old or young just cry!

Help From The Heart

We often see people seeking help almost every single day and mostly we don’t really give our helping hand. Sometimes when we do we don’t do it genuinely we do it because we want to be seen by public that we are helping. Many a times we gather media to come take pictures and makes stories for us to be seen even by huge crowd. Sometimes we even post on social medias. The question is then, “Is this right or something urgently need to be done?” This short article will answer this question and address the odd behind helping others.

Although studies has shown that helping others help you live longer and possible a best life, people nowadays only pretend to be helping why in the end they are taking advantage of the situation to help themselves. This may sound bias and awkward, but it is the truth. When you help people to gain social status, you are not helping them. You are using them for your personal gain. One may argue in the same atmosphere that the person being helped do not care and they at least benefiting. This holds some truth in it, but if we dig deeper it is not. The helper is simply making business. Buying social status.

In the same merit one will argue that, without social media explores the person might not get all the necessary help hence they need to make their problem known to the world. This may be true, but if we are being realistic majority of people on social media aren’t willing to help. They are simply sympathizers. Only few that will truly help and when they do they are simply doing for social gain. There is more to talk about social medias yet this articles serves to give direction on how we should help others.

To begin with, when you helping a person you need to first put yourself in the shoes of that particular person and measure the magnitude of his problem. Ask yourself: “how will I feel if I was on the other receiving end?” When you get answer to that use that as tool to measure how much and to what extend you will help that person. When you have doubts do not do it because it is pointless to help when you feel burdened. The bible said your right hand should not know what your left hand is doing. This means that you should not tell the whole world that you bought food for your neighbor. If you do, you not only breaking the universal law, but you are also shaming your neighbor.

Another significant is that we need to help genuinely. Helping genuinely means doing it because you really wants to do it and not because you have people to impress or you feeling pity for the person you helping. When you are doing it genuinely you have no desires to gain social status or to be seen by others. You doing it because you value the person and understand that at one point in life we all need help from another human being. With the above statement it should be clear that we should not just help because we wants rewards. Rewards will make the whole process fake.

To sum it up, we are encouraged to help others from our hearts and not to motivated by outside forces, because when we do it breaches our motives. There are so many ways we can help others, be it financial wise, academically, psychologically or simple physical help. A good helper is the good listener because by listening carefully you will know and understand the needs of the person you intend to help. When you are told something keep it to yourself. Similarly, when you asked to offer your helping hand do not go around telling the whole world unless the person being helped asked you to. Lets help genuinely and from our hearts.


One of the saddest thing  is you will be lonely even you are surrounded by people

Sometimes the pain is unbearable , but you just have to take in

The fact is human beings aren’t trustworthy

You just have to make it out yourself

You’re stronger than you know

Be the light in the tunnel when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel

Hold onto your struggles because soon the storm will be over

The beauty thing about the storm is there’s always sunshine after it strikes.

7days to live a positive life. adopted from:

A 7-Day Mental Detox for a More Positive Life

mental detox

Unclutter and detox your mind with a 7-day mental diet.

At the start of the New Year or as each season rolls around, many people follow a cleansing diet, or a detox, in order to get their bodies in tip-top shape. These diets normally limit processed, high-fat, and sugary foods, and replace them with more whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes.

However, few people think of following a mental detox. In essence, your thoughts are brain food. A mental detox consists of limiting thoughts that trigger negative emotions, and substituting them with thoughts that lead to feelings of peace and joy.

I came across the idea of a mental detox in a pamphlet I found online titled “The Seven Day Mental Diet”, which was written by a spiritual leader of the 20thcentury named Emmet Fox. Here’s Fox:

“The way our bodies work is based upon the food we put into them. The mind is no different. . . Everything in your life today is conditioned by your habitual thinking. The way you have thought in the past has led you to where you are right now.”

The diet consists of the following: for 7 consecutive days, you’re going to carefully select your thoughts. During those seven days you will not hold on to any negative thoughts. If you’re willing to take this challenge you’ll discover what to do, below.

The Three Rules of the 7-Day Mental Detox

In order to follow the 7-day mental detox you have to follow three rules. Here they are:

First Rule. For seven consecutive days you will not dwell on any unresourceful thoughts or emotions. These include the following:

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  • Thoughts that make you feel angry or frustrated.
  • Thoughts that make you feel jealous of others.
  • Thoughts that make you feel stressed or anxious.
  • Thoughts that make you feel inferior or insecure.
  • Thoughts that make you feel sorrow or despair.
  • Negative thoughts about yourself, someone else, or the circumstances you find yourself in.
  • Thoughts that fill you with regrets about the past or fear about the future.

Here’s how Emmet Fox defines negative thinking:

“Negative thinking is when you are dwelling on failure, disappointment, or trouble; any thought of criticism, or jealousy, or spite or condemnation of others or yourself, or any thought of sickness or accident. In short, any kind of limitation or pessimistic thinking. Any thought that concerns you are anyone else that is not positive or constructive.”

Notice that the rule isn’t that you can’t have any negative thoughts, but that you’re not to dwell on them. As Emmet Fox points out, you can’t control the first thought that enters your mind. However, you can control the second one, and the ones after that.

Second Rule. When you catch yourself having negative thoughts during the 7-day period, and you will, immediately snap yourself out of it and shift your focus to something else. You can do any of the following:

  • Tell yourself, “Stop!”, to interrupt the cycle.
  • Accept that you’re having negative thoughts, and then allow them to drift through your awareness like clouds drifting through the sky. Simply allow the negative thoughts to float by without placing your attention on them.
  • Distract yourself by doing something else. You can read, exercise, get to work on a mentally challenging task, call an upbeat friend, turn on some music and sing along, and so on.
  • Change your perspective. Ask yourself: “Is this really true?” and “Is there another way to see or interpret this?”
  • Shift into problem-solving mode. If your negative thoughts are warning you that there’s something wrong, or that there’s a problem that needs to be addressed, shift your focus to looking for a solution to the problem.
  • Keep in mind that, due to the negativity bias, your brain is always on the alert for anything that could go wrong. For every negative thing your brain calls your attention to, come up with a list of five things that are going right.

Third Rule. If you catch yourself indulging in or dwelling on unresourceful thoughts, don’t beat yourself up. Just switch your focus to more empowering thoughts immediately. However, if you find yourself ruminating on the negative thought for more than a minute, you have to start over. Wait until the next morning and start the 7-day mental detox again from Day One.

Here’s Fox:

“As you embark on any diet, you know that your mind plays tricks on you. You crave the old food you use to partake of. This diet is no different, you will find your mind wanting to go toward the negative, wanting to say something or gossip about someone or something. Sometimes it will be exhausting to fight the urges you have to just say one thing, much like just having one taste of that delicious cake when you are on a food diet. So if you make a false start, or fall off the wagon, you must stop and start again the next day.”

Real Time.

Sitting down in silence like I’m left alone in the Scrubland
Wondering what we have done wrong as humans
Thinking of what I could do if I had power to pause time for once
I must be extremely crazy to think about that
Yet I’m consciously aware that I’m not
It is the curiosity in me that drives me here
As I’m here I’m thinking how much time I have wasted trying to figure things out
Is the even a chance I will succeed or is the battle that I will not win.
Then I realise time isn’t the problem but, humans are
We are the problem because we are too naive and selfish
We are too naive because we waste our own time yet find something to blame
“Sorry, I’m late again I couldn’t find my keys”
We claim to be superior yet can’t control ourselves.
“If it was not for that teacher I wouldn’t repeat the fourth grade”
We tend to forget that time is real time, it can’t be paused or to fast forward it
While we busy giving excuses and playing victims time is running out
Mostly compared with money, yet you can’t keep it like you can keep money
Then I arrive to the conclusion, we can only keep up with real time when we responsible
Responsibilities vary from person to person and that a sweetest part of uniqueness.
The realness of time isn’t about authenticity because time isn’t an object
It is liveness and the fact that time is the only true unit of measure us humans can use… Let’s catch up!

Hatred And fake friends.

Most of us have fallen victim of hatred and more especially from people that we thought were our friends. Apart from being victims, some of have hurt people that were so close to us and these leads to the question of what are fake friends and why so much hatred. This article will briefly address that and try to give necessary answers to the said questions.

To begin with, a fake friend is defined by some scholars as a person who falsely claims to be, feel, or do something can be said to be fake When your friend acts sweet but spreads rumors about you behind your back, you can call her a fake. As a verb, fake means to take an action with the intent to deceive. To add the said definition I personally believe a fake friend to be anyone that pretend to care, but his/her motive is to destroy. Most of the time we don’t see this because we get too close to these people pretending to be our friends.

Furthermore, with fake friends comes with hatred and envy these people are not happy and just want to get in there and destroy. It’s a shame that even young people are hating on each other instead of supporting one another to achieve their goals. Hatred can be motivated intrinsically or extrinsically.

Intrinsically hatred motivation is the one that is dangerous because it is from within while extrinsically hatred motivation is less dangerous because when the outside force is not there it will not exist. Things in the society can be used to create hatred among people, things like: school, politics, money and recent trends of social media.

Majority of people are well aware of these things, but the continue to ignore the reality while some have accepted that it is life there is absolutely nothing that can be done to change it. In my opinion this is not true because I believe there is always an alternative, sometimes not so obvious but they are there.

Here is what can be done to avoid hatred among ourselves:

1. Always be honest, honest to yourself and to others an honesty person will not want to deceive others

2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. this is a command based on words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount according to the Bible. which can be interpreted as we should care about others as much as we care about ourselves because whatever we do to others can be done to us.

3. Love yourself, he who have self love will be able to love others. it should be clear that I am in no way promoting selfishness because there’s a clear distinction between the two.

4. Choose your friends wisely, this the most difficult task to do but, you can always assess your friends. Listen to them, how they talk about others say so much about them.

5. Do not trust too much, trust sometimes can cost you hence, you should be able assess the situation first.

We are entitled to take care of ourselves and avoid falling victim of hatred and fake friends. Lastly we are highly discouraged to be the reason why some people do not sleep well at night simply because we have ruined their lives.

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