Hatred And fake friends.

Most of us have fallen victim of hatred and more especially from people that we thought were our friends. Apart from being victims, some of have hurt people that were so close to us and these leads to the question of what are fake friends and why so much hatred. This article will briefly address that and try to give necessary answers to the said questions.

To begin with, a fake friend is defined by some scholars as a person who falsely claims to be, feel, or do something can be said to be fake When your friend acts sweet but spreads rumors about you behind your back, you can call her a fake. As a verb, fake means to take an action with the intent to deceive. To add the said definition I personally believe a fake friend to be anyone that pretend to care, but his/her motive is to destroy. Most of the time we don’t see this because we get too close to these people pretending to be our friends.

Furthermore, with fake friends comes with hatred and envy these people are not happy and just want to get in there and destroy. It’s a shame that even young people are hating on each other instead of supporting one another to achieve their goals. Hatred can be motivated intrinsically or extrinsically.

Intrinsically hatred motivation is the one that is dangerous because it is from within while extrinsically hatred motivation is less dangerous because when the outside force is not there it will not exist. Things in the society can be used to create hatred among people, things like: school, politics, money and recent trends of social media.

Majority of people are well aware of these things, but the continue to ignore the reality while some have accepted that it is life there is absolutely nothing that can be done to change it. In my opinion this is not true because I believe there is always an alternative, sometimes not so obvious but they are there.

Here is what can be done to avoid hatred among ourselves:

1. Always be honest, honest to yourself and to others an honesty person will not want to deceive others

2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. this is a command based on words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount according to the Bible. which can be interpreted as we should care about others as much as we care about ourselves because whatever we do to others can be done to us.

3. Love yourself, he who have self love will be able to love others. it should be clear that I am in no way promoting selfishness because there’s a clear distinction between the two.

4. Choose your friends wisely, this the most difficult task to do but, you can always assess your friends. Listen to them, how they talk about others say so much about them.

5. Do not trust too much, trust sometimes can cost you hence, you should be able assess the situation first.

We are entitled to take care of ourselves and avoid falling victim of hatred and fake friends. Lastly we are highly discouraged to be the reason why some people do not sleep well at night simply because we have ruined their lives.


Just Be You.

The world is different so do you
When the world is screwed just be you
God created you with a purpose find it

The world is full of challenges so do you
When you are pushed to the extreme limit just be you
God gave you a talent please embrace it

The world is beautifully made so do you
When there is no light at the end of the tunnel just be you
God gave you hope so have it

The world is completely made so do you
When there isn’t abundance riches just be you
God gave you a complete body enjoy it

Oh…. wait! You are uniquely made and beautiful made compare yourself with no one because there is only one you, so just be you.

Check up on your friends.

We often hear so many heart breaking news of people taking their own life and in many instances such things were preventable if we can only be conscious enough. With so many social media people don’t pay attention to others anymore, we are too into the virtual world than the real world and that’s the problem.

Our friends are going through a lot and sometimes even if they want to talk there’s absolutely no one to listen. Majority of us we don’t listen to listen(understand) but we listen while we busy thinking about what to respond hence missing out the major problems. Another problem is that we often listen and try to compare the presented situation to our own, by doing so missing out the real problem.

We should learn to listen and accept the fact that it is absolutely normal not to have anything to say at that moment. Sometimes our friends just want someone to listen and get the problem off their hearts, they do not want your input, your judgement and all that. We should learn to have a real conversation with our friends ask them if it’s okay to give on your input before we actual present it. An effective conversation is the one that is based on mutual interests and agreements. When you talking to your friend show that you care, but don’t be a sympathiser because that will make it worse. Have a respect for your friend and if it’s possible don’t have anything to disturb you, put your mobile phone away as that might create an impression that you are not interested in your friend problem.

In most cases people that have problems are suicidal and they always show some signs, but because we don’t pay attention to our friends and relatives we don’t see them. Some writes strange post on social media and we take them lightly as some sort of jokes while the person might be serious. When you come across such posts reach out for your friend. If you are staying in the same street or town go to him/her as that might be the best option. If you can’t go to them tell someone who’s close to do so. Calling them might also work, but usually people that are suicidal often switch off they phones in order to cut everyone out. Of course one may say or think this may create so sort of panic or something in that line but, No this have to be done with caution which means one have to be calm.

To cut it short we are required to be responsible people that include be responsible with those that around us, talk to them ask them how they really feel. Refer your friends places where they can get necessary help remember, you are not a councillor hence you need to refer them there. Most importantly, respect their confidentiality and try by all means not to judge them.

Extra time.

This is a rhyme-less poem that rhyme
The insomniac works that grime
Thinking how to write a poem that rhyme

This is a rhyme-less poem that rhyme
The poetic language flows like lime
Thinking how sweet winter can thyme

this is a rhyme-less poem that rhyme
… of course this is the results of extra time
Extra time that I always get when everyone else is asleep…

The Fear of unknown-Kalitheni way

Have you ever asked yourself why are you so afraid of certain things even when you are not physically exposed to them, just sitting quietly alone thinking out loud? Well it is our nature as human beings to experience these kinds of feelings, we have an innate thing called ‘Flight or Fight’ and it is this that dictates the choice we make that includes the fear of unknown.

Some psychologist believes that the word fear is an acronym that stands for Fake Evidence Appearing Real. I personally believe that this is true, because there so many evidence around it and here is some scenarios to prove my point: 1. When we are young and we are left in the darkroom we tend to develop some sort of fear. The fear that is associated with the darkness, so that darkness is the fake evidence that is appearing, real. the darkness is the evidence because it is there, but what make it fake is that there is absolutely nothing to harm us in the dark. 2. You’re jumping out of an Aircraft for the first time and you are extremely scared that you won’t make it, the fear of height combine with that cold strong wind at 10 000ft will create an illusion that you have made a wrong choice. all these things combined are fake evidence that seems to be real. When you are skydiving it’s not a height that should you worry about because the higher you climb up the lesser the gravity, it is your parachute that you should worry about and how you are going to land. We usually do not pay attention to these things because we don’t observe them closely.

Similarly, we often do not ask the real questions why we are so afraid. We act as if it’s normal or we are made to believe that it’s normal to live like that. living in fear that if we do certain things we will be hurt or bad things will happen to us. We let the fear of unknown ruins our lives, that includes our relationships with those that are surrounding us.

Some people may think that this is only written from one perception, which might be true or it might be wrong as well. stating the above points I am in no way trying to deny that there are things that poses serious dangers or threats to our lives nor am I promoting recklessness. People that take serious risks in life like soldiers and firefighters believe that risks comes with the job, but risk cannot be equited(same volume) to recklessness. therefore, it is our responsibility as individual to take necessary precautions whenever we’re exposed to life threatening situations.

Moreover, human being aren’t perfect individuals, hence experiences these things. The illusion of the fear of unknown it is not an easy thing to overcome, we need to go through some processes just to change that. Getting rid of tthe fear in us include knowing all the facts about that one thing that we fear instead of just having random thoughts about it.

All in all we are highly discouraged to have the fear of unknown. whenever, you want to do something the question ‘what if?’ should not be part of your plan, because You have absolutely no power to control what’s coming. Time buys everything and when the time is right you will know what answer the question what if. Get rid of the fear of unknown and live happily today because the future thar we pay attention to is not even guaranteed.

Akutu Hewa

I sit down in the quietness The wind blows so quietly. I wonder how often we love. The days and nights all alone I wonder why she is not here

I sit down in the quietness
The nights lights flashes
I wonder how she will be
The sounds of cars echoing
I wonder why she is quiet

I sit down in the quietness
The lonely bed spinning
I wonder who she can be
The voice of the nigh mumbling
I wonder why love is painful

I sit down in the quietness
The thoughts in my mind rumbling
I wonder how I will survive
The lost love in me crumble
I wonder why love stumble.


More often we are so bitter and our hearts are heavy like huge rock
More often we let ourselves to be deceived by the sadness in the evil world
More often we deny ourselves self freedom because we are following the rules of the world
More often we worried of what will happen to us and never lived

The sadness in us have taken over our hearts and we have no joy nor desire to live.
We never asked ourselves what is the root of this sadness brutalising our hearts
We never asked because we are too afraid and the fear in us have created an illusion in us.

The deepest wounds of sadness in us have taken over and we have no love left in us.
The wounds are not healing because we so hard on ourselves
We let the outsiders validate us and we live like programed robots.

We are too tolerant that we allow this evil things to happen to us
We have a lame consciousness that can’t recognize righteous from evil
We will be sad and the sadness in us won’t leave as long as we don’t want to change.